Monday, March 11, 2019

Twenty Years Ago is Longer Than Some Whole Lifetimes

after we burned the bell jar 
on the front porch 
I wrote this

not for

back bottom door sticks 
until I put my hip into the opening of it
I stumble 
a sound stutters from my lip
and if I wore mascara 
my face would be black by now 
cheeks of charcoal
chewing lips contorting sips
of lemonade and black jack
you seem a little nervous grrl 
you seem a little left of steady
my shaky cigarette trips
back and forth from the tray of 
ashes to dust to dust to ash
a pile of what used to be 
between you and me
shivers to kiss
to kiss I missed 
this last goodbye
somehow you passed me by
so now it’s me chewing lips contorting sips 
of Miller's Light remedy 
dancing farcically around that crown of thorns 
you placed upon your head there in that hotel bed
and you laid down
with a bottle of pills 
in a hotel bed
you laid 

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