Monday, March 11, 2019

Pattern Recognition

Random scatter plot, they say.
There’s no meaning in the data presented here.
Human life is always grasping at the dark
For patterns that are not there.
But all we are is star dust, self-organizing.
Natural laws pull,
Pull toward the center, 
And from ignorance, desire rises
Like the sun. Every morning.
We are born again in these bodies
That will age, be sick, and die.
And every time,
Every time we forget again.
Time, time may be chords of light,
And you and I may be star stuff 
Organized by desire,
But time, time, it moves on
Whether we see the light 
Or close our eyes. 
Change is everywhere. 
It’s the only constant in the world.
You and I,
Before we expire,
And all the light we are finds
Another pattern,
Let us walk
Away from fear.
We are everything.
All of time lies in our blood.
Our blood is made
In the death of stars. 
We are universal.
We are everything, already.
And I, I am no one,
Just pattern recognition
Taking form, taking feeling.
We are light, brilliant chords of light 
Bound together
For a time, grasping 
At shifting

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